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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pride and Prejudice recycled and upscaled

I have been working on Pride and Prejudice
as both a pop-up and as a carousel foldable look
both are great ways to preserve a beloved book,
and save it from the Landfill.
                                                            Pride and Prejudice
                                                                    Pop-up style

                                                                   Pride and Prejudice
                                                                      cut and folded

                                                   The Enchanted Land fairytales
                                                        Cut and folded carousel style

Wuthering Heights 
Pop-up style

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

                                                           A few freebies for the Holidays
I have been working with illustrations from old books and carving old books for sometime.
Thought I might share with my followers a few freebie designs for the Holidays.
And show off a few of my newest books.   

Hope you enjoy and Happy Holiday Crafting  :)

these are simple to make just 
cut and glue 

if you enjoy paper craft and vintage images check out my shop on Etsy
If you need something designed just for you drop me a line
and for a small fee I am sure I can design it.

If your are interested in  having a book made prices start at $200.00
just email me at my etsy shop


                                                                           Land of Oz

Alice in Wonderland

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Antique Altered books come alive

I have been working on a new style with my altered book assemblages.
adding folding and a carousel style to the books.

                                                                          Pride and prejudice

                                                           my book-house Fairy tales

                                              Here are this summers popup book styles


                                                                      Peter PAN
                                                              Alice in Wonderland
                                                                           ( sold)
                                                                 Alice in Wonderland

                                                                     Little House

                                                                Peter Rabbit

All books were repurposed :)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Altered Books

I have been very busy with both books for sale
and books for commission
I also spent time providing a workshop and 
demonstration at the Stark Museum in Orange TX.
What a great opportunity!!!!  

Contact me via email if you would
like a group demonstration
or for a workshop.

Lets keep books alive 
and telling their story!!!!

Don't forget to stop by my shop
and let me know if you 
need a special book

Alice in Wonderland (1902)
                                                 Fairy-tale the blue bird(1923)
                                                       Shakespeare's Tales (1923)

The Little Prince
                                                            Grimm's Fairy tales
                                                              Working at the Stark Museum
                                                                Book cutting(Demonstration)
                                                                           and display
                                                            The cowardly Lion of OZ
                                                              ( commissioned)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

New way to repurpose old books!!!!

Recently I began using my old pages from books
to create small doll houses
my favorite is Alice in wonderland

All papered inside out

each little cut out is coated 

                                                             A night light added for effect


                                                              A tea party inside

Great way to use old pages from a book!!!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Some of my new Altered Books
                                                           Alice in Wonderland (reserved)

                                                           H.P. Lovecraft
                                                          Special order(sold)

                                           an Articulated children's' book 

                                                        1923 Mother Goose book

                                                            Edgar Allen Poe (1907)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Repurposed Books, Altering a view

Repurposed books this Summer, just a few of the books I have been working on.
I have been working on foldable designs.

                                                    Edgar Allen Poe (The Raven  addition1909)


                                                                     Land of Oz(1904)

                                                            Beauty and the Beast(1889)

Small Green Leather Books Early 1900's